The 100% Earth-Centric Space Economy

Andromeda Galaxy

Our space economy is 100% an Earth-centric space economy. If it stays that way, a permanent human presence on the Moon or Mars will NOT be possible. We have a pretty robust and growing space economy. NASA and other space agencies around the globe, commercial/private space companies, Mars and Moon exploration, satellite-based internet, GPS, communications,… Continue reading The 100% Earth-Centric Space Economy

The Limits of NASA Funding

Prologue: I’m all about finding solutions. Solutions to the problems that are preventing our future in space. Solutions that will get us past our low Earth orbit (LEO) “barrier”. So, when you read about the show-stopping problem in this article, please keep in mind that I’ve already worked up a solution…which, in basic form, is… Continue reading The Limits of NASA Funding

NASA Opinion Polls

NASA Opinion Polls It’s clear that the White House and NASA are NOT on the right track with the vast majority of the public. However, we really DO need to make major improvements in our ability to explore, learn about, live in, utilize, and exist in space! And how do we develop our ability to… Continue reading NASA Opinion Polls

Hurricanes Limit NASA Funding

Unpredictable Events Hurricane Dorian and other hurricanes leave a lasting impression on Congress’s willingness to fully fund NASA’s Artemis and Mars plans. The three costliest hurricanes in 2017 alone equaled 12 YEARS WORTH of NASA’s current budget. Unpredictable events, such as hurricanes and other natural disasters, put pressure on Congress to limit/control optional spending, such… Continue reading Hurricanes Limit NASA Funding

NASA Science Missions Can Jump-Start The Lunar Economy

This image illustrates the enormous incentive to learn how to use local lunar resources. Space exploration will have to pay for itself if we want a meaningful presence and future in space. The last 50+ years of budgetary data shows the limits of NASA funding. Congress won't adequately fund Apollo 2.0 or Mars 1.0. That's why creating an in-space economy based on these local space resources is paramount and the most realistic path forward. A blue-collar future in space IS our future in space.

NASA Science Missions Can Jump-Start the Lunar Economy However, changes are necessary if we want our activities on the Moon to be sustainable. Buy local. A familiar phrase. But when the next closest store is 240,000 miles away, buying local takes on a whole new meaning. As we head back to the Moon, this time… Continue reading NASA Science Missions Can Jump-Start The Lunar Economy