Your Place in History. The Bigger Picture.

Many people don’t spend much time thinking about the long-term. Focusing on the here-and-now is definitely important, but this page is about the bigger picture. Your place in history.

You are living during the most significant period in human history!

The vast majority of people are unaware of why it’s an incredible time to be alive.

What’s so Important?

The world is finally on the verge of building a thriving space civilization. Although it will take many, many decades and there are no guarantees, it is without a doubt an epic battle. If successful, it will dramatically alter the path of history.

However, all of this is dependent on basic changes. As it is, NASA isn’t even allowed to create a civilization in space!

Incredible Events

The building of the Pyramids, the Great Wall of China, and many others…all incredible events. But perhaps the most incredible of all could be happening right now during our lifetimes and the foreseeable future. Our generations could have quite a remarkable place in history…IF we make fundamental changes.

Fundamental Changes

“Exploration” is necessarily a tiny portion of any nation’s economy. In addition, “space exploration” in itself isn’t geared to secure our future in space…it’s just exploration.

Instead of exploration, focus on creating a self-supporting in-space economy, based on ISRU (in situ resource utilization…the local space materials), starting at the Moon. This is how people will live on the Moon and eventually Mars … their economy will make it possible. This is the fundamental change we need to make … switch the focus from “exploration” to “in-space economy”. Further space exploration naturally occurs and is funded as a by-product of that economy.

A. Space. Civilization.

Creating a self-sustainable in-space economy, starting at the Moon, leads directly to a self-sustainable space civilization…people living and working on the Moon. This approach leads us forward with increasing returns, decreasing reliance on taxes and, a vibrant future in space.

U.S. Capitol Building. As a tax-payer and voter, YOU have the power to shape NASA's direction and our future in space.
U.S. Capitol Building. Photo by Ben Shafer from FreeImages.

As a tax-payer, voter, and social media user, YOU have the power to shape NASA’s direction and whether or not we’ll have a future in space that goes beyond low Earth orbit.

Action is easy! Please share, like, retweet, etc. Let’s make positive changes!