Hurricanes Limit NASA Funding

The three costliest hurricanes listed for 2017 alone total up to nearly 14 years’ worth of NASA’s entire budget.

Hurricane Dorian and other hurricanes leave a lasting impression on Congress’s willingness to fully fund NASA’s Artemis and Mars plans.

Hurricane Dorian radar image.
Dorian, the giant reef fish, nibbling Florida’s coastline. Image courtesy NOAA and the National Hurricane Center.

The three costliest hurricanes in 2017 alone equaled 12 YEARS WORTH of NASA’s current budget.

Unpredictable events, such as hurricanes and other natural disasters, put pressure on Congress to limit/control optional spending, i.e. NASA’s budget.

Problem is, we really DO need to make major improvements in our ability to explore, learn about, live in, utilize, and exist in space.

So what’s a poor space explorer to do?

Humanity’s future in space is dependent on basic changes to NASA’s focus…changes that make sense to the majority of taxpayers (who aren’t space cadets) and/or the 78% of US workers that live paycheck to paycheck (CareerBuilder survey). We can’t afford wasteful spending.

Space Centric has a sensible approach…focus on building a self-supporting in-space economy (see my Power Post) so that space exploration pays for itself. This gives us the ability to stay there, instead of having to cancel programs and put our rockets in museums when the funding runs out.

A flags and footprints Apollo-style trip to Mars or Artemis return to the Moon (neither of which are popular priorities and requires unlikely and unrealistic large increases to NASA’s budget) side-tracks and delays what really matters: developing our ability to exist in space!

And how do we develop our ability to exist in space? Create and grow a self-supporting in-space economy. A self-supporting in-space economy leads us forward with increasing returns and decreases reliance on taxes. Artemis and Mars 1.0 don’t do that, and that’s why neither Congress nor the voters want to shell out the funding.

Hurricanes and other natural disasters, military conflicts, economic recessions, the national deficit…these all put pressure on Congress to control spending and tend to limit NASA’s funding and our future in space. However, we can grow past these limitations by focusing on creating an in-space economy.

Let’s bring some reality and sensibility to NASA’s direction and our future in space!

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