Is the Whitehouse or NASA even listening?

NASA Opinion Polls

Ball's in your court. Pass it on!

NASA Opinion Polls


Sending astronauts to Mars or back to the Moon is unimportant compared to other priorities.

The White House and NASA:

We’re sending the first woman and the next man to the Moon by 2024 and then to Mars in the 2030’s.

Is the White House or NASA even listening?

Check out these opinion polls on what people think about NASA’s priorities and the U.S. space program.

Sending astronauts to Mars or back to the Moon is at or near the bottom of the list, according to most Americans…the exact opposite of what the White House and NASA are pushing.

It’s clear that the White House and NASA are NOT on the right track with the vast majority of the public.

However, we really DO need to make major improvements in our ability to explore, learn about, live in, utilize, and exist in space!

And how do we develop our ability to exist in space? Create and grow a self-supporting in-space economy based on the local space resources.

Unlike the White House’s/NASA’s direction with the flags-and-footprints Artemis and Mars programs, developing a self-supporting in-space economy (based on lunar and other space resources) leads us forward with increasing returns, decreasing reliance on taxes and, a vibrant future in space. This is something the public can support.

It’s time to bring some blue-collar reality and sensibility to space exploration and our future in space.

Ball's in your court. Pass it on!

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