3 Easy First Steps to Benefit from the Creation of a Space Civilization

Better access to the potential benefits and opportunities from creating an in-space economy and future space civilization. Team up with Space Centric.Apollo 17 view of Earth from lunar orbit, 1972...46 years ago...our most recent visit.
Apollo 17 view of Earth from lunar orbit, 1972...46 years ago...our most recent visit.

3 Easy First Steps to Create a Space Civilization

Creating a thriving space civilization will take many, many decades. But it’s not going to happen unless we take action, and make some changes to NASA’s focus.

In-Space Economy…the Non-Sexy, Boring Way of Describing a Space Civilization.

But, it also describes the reason its existence will be possible in the first place. Due to its remoteness, a space civilization has to be its own in-space economy. Not exactly something you’ll find at the top of Google search results.

You might be surprised by some eye-opening and unintuitive facts about the in-space economy. For example, how much of the $350+ Billion per year (and growing) world-wide space economy, NASA and all, is the in-space economy? Hint: it rhymes with “hero”. (Check out the blog post Why NASA Won’t Send Astronauts to the Surface of Mars (with video) for more info).

The Key to Creating a Space Civilization

I don’t want to talk too much about the in-space economy in this post, except to say it’s the #1 most important focal point if we’re to develop a space civilization. And, guess what? It’s almost the exact opposite of what NASA has focused on over the last 50 years!

Space Centric was custom created to focus on this key, enabling, boring (to most people) piece of magic…help create the very first in-space economy. This is the secret ingredient for our future in space…a vibrant and sustainable space civilization. In reality, not too magical or secretive, is it? No unobtainium or killer app required, just good old-fashioned blue-collar reality and sensibility. And that’s a good thing.

Now or Later?

Developing benefits and opportunities you can take advantage of in the near-term, as opposed to having to wait many decades into the future, is one of the most important aspects of Space Centric’s efforts. If you’re going to support the creation of a future space civilization (and even if you don’t), then you need to see some value today.

“…the benefits, opportunities and value are realized in the journey, not just the destination.”

Right now, Space Centric’s most visible efforts are centered on connecting with people and building awareness on social media and elsewhere.

3 super easy first steps:

  1. Share your ideas so we can come up with better solutions.
  2. Interact with or share these posts on social media, so others can discover the conversation and contribute.
  3. Encourage your political leaders to support the creation of a self-supporting in-space economy, as opposed to the status-quo flags-and-footprints NASA programs.


These are all super easy and free. Obviously, there’s no space civilization now and it’s going to take a long time to develop. However, the benefits, opportunities, and value are realized in the journey, not just the destination.

By teaming up with Space Centric, you’re helping to start the creation of a future space civilization. Freaking awesome. You are living during the most significant period in human history!